Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stealing Glory • Esther 3

When Haman saw for himself that Mordecai 
didn't bow down and kneel before him, 
he was outraged.
Esther 3:5

It's not all about me – at all.
My purpose, my reason for being is to glorify You.
When people look at my life
they should not be seeing me and
admiring how wonderful I am,
They should see You in all Your glory
shining through all that I say and do.

Pride rears its ugly head once more.
Its root has not been destroyed.
Half- heartedly I have hacked at it thinking
I was bringing it to an end.
But did I really want to?

"Don't they realize all the time and effort
I put in to this?"

"Can't they see how hard I'm working?"

"Why do I have to do that?"

Like a hungry rag-clad beggar stealing
a roll at a banquet I tuck bits of Your
glory away to keep for myself – hoping
someone will see and throw me a
scrap of praise, a bit of acknowledgment.

In the midst of my tantrum I begin to feel You
start to stroke my hair, rub my shoulder,
draw me into Your embrace.

"Shhh. Shhh." You whisper in my ear.
"You don't have to fight for love or recognition.
I love you. I am here with you. I notice everything you do.
I know every thought in your head and every word that
comes out of your mouth. I knew everything about you
before I laid the foundation of the world!"

"Live for Me. Live in Me. Let My life be yours. 
Don't worry aboutseeking glory or acknowledgment from man. 
I am the One who matters.
Give it all to Me, Christa. Leave it in my capable hands.
You are mine, I have called you by name. 
There is your glory."

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