Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Honor... Who? • Esther 6

The king asked, "What great honor 
was given to Mordecai for this?"
"Nothing," replied the king's servants 
who were in attendance. 
"Nothing has been done for him." 
Esther 6:3

"If this Mordecai is in fact a Jew, 
your bad luck has only begun. 
You don't stand a chance against him—
you're as good as ruined." 
Esther 6:13

Father, You see what I do.

I want them to see,
I want the glory for what I do.

Just a simple word of recognition,
is that too much?

What am I really seeking?

Who am I serving?

What am striving for?

Nothing that I do on my own, for my own glory,
can last.

All that is good and right and lasting within me
comes from You.

You honor those who honor You.
In Your time.

It is not for me to promote myself, to
seek honor for who I am or what I have done.

You see what is deep inside.
You know what is in my heart,
what is driving me to do what I do.

Working for words that float off into the wind
leaves me empty-hearted and empty-handed.

Working for You, for Your glory,
trusting You to work it all out for my good
knowing that You love me
fills me, fulfills me, lets Your glory flow from me.

Change the way I think, Father.
Teach me to do it all for You,
the God who really sees.

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