Friday, May 21, 2010

Blessings Flowing Down • Ruth 4

All the people in the town square that day, 
backing up the elders, said, "Yes, we are witnesses. 
May God make this woman who is 
coming into your household like Rachel and Leah, 
the two women who built the family of Israel. 
May God make you a pillar in Ephrathah 
and famous in Bethlehem! 
With the children God gives you from this young woman, 
may your family rival the family of Perez, 
the son Tamar bore to Judah." 
Ruth 4:11-12

The town women said to Naomi, "Blessed be God! 
He didn't leave you without family to carry on your life. 
May this baby grow up to be famous in Israel! 
He'll make you young again! 
He'll take care of you in old age. 
And this daughter-in-law who has brought him 
into the world and loves you so much, 
why, she's worth more to you than seven sons!"  
Ruth 4:14-15

The neighborhood women started calling him 
"Naomi's baby boy!" But his real name was Obed. 
Obed was the father of Jesse, 
and Jesse the father of David. 
Ruth 4:17

Blessings flowing all over!

The men of the village proclaimed blessings,
and the women, too.

God provided the biggest blessing –
one that no one that was alive that day
every saw with their own eyes.

May my words be full of blessing
as I go through my day – through my life.

May my eyes be open for the blessings
that You so freely give.

May my heart and my mouth overflow
with grateful praise to You my Lord
for all that You do, have done and will do.

May I be faithful with what You have blessed me with.

My life is not just about me, about my little time on earth.
May I be passing the blessings on down the line.

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