Thursday, May 20, 2010

Willing and Ready • Ruth 3

Ruth said, "If you say so, I'll do it, just as you've told me." 

Ruth 3:5

When Ruth chose to cling to Naomi and go with her back to her homeland, she also chose Naomi's God to become her God. I do not know all about the ways things worked back in those days, but it would appear that because Ruth chose to go live with Naomi, she also placed herself under Naomi's authority.

So, when Naomi told Ruth her plan, Ruth agreed to do as Naomi said. She followed Naomi's plan completely, quietly going and doing and saying what she needed to do and say.

In doing this, stepping out and doing what Naomi told her to do, she was following God's will.

She could have kept on trying to provide for Naomi and herself in her own strength or she could have waited around hoping that one day a man would come and knock on the door and sweep her away.

She chose to place her full dependence on God, being willing to do what He made clear she was to do. She had to ready and willing to go and do and say what He told her to do and say.

God uses various ways to show us what He wants us to do. And one of those ways is He speaks to us through fellow believers. Often it is when we are in accountable relationships with other believers, He will use them to guide us, rebuke us, convict us or spur us on to doing something for Him.

Lord, thank you for the people You have placed in my life who You use to speak to me. Thank you for the conversation I had this morning that You used to reveal to me some areas in my life where I need to act. Please help me to keep my entire attention focused on what You are doing and not to get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. Thank you that You will help me to deal with whatever hard things that come when the time comes. (Matt. 6:34) Please help me to be willing to go and do and say what You want me to, when You want me to.

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