Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Knowing the Meaning of Grace and Peace • Galatians 1

"So I greet you with the great words, 
grace and peace
We know the meaning of those words because 
Jesus Christ rescued us from this evil world we're in 
by offering himself as a sacrifice for our sins. 
God's plan is that we all experience that rescue. 
Glory to God forever! Oh, yes!"
Galatians 1:3-5

Their response was to recognize 
and worship God because of me! 
Galatians 1:24

Unmerited favor is mine.


Nothing I have done, do or will ever do
can earn Your favor.


All is well. Calm has come.

Sweet peace is mine.

Because of You.

Only by You and only through You
can I have grace and peace.

Full rescue – unmerited favor and peace is for all.

Freedom has come for all.

Can they see as they look at me
the grace and peace
You came to give to all?

Do they recognize You in me?

Please, help me to fully accept Your
grace and peace – to live in them so completely
that anyone who looks at me will see You and
worship You.

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