Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Loved • John 14

"Don't let this throw you. 
You trust God, don't you? 
Trust Me." 
John 14:1

Jesus says this right after He tells Peter 
that he will deny Him three times 
before the next dawn.

I can almost see Him looking deeply 
at each one of the men sitting around Him.

I can almost see Him looking deeply at me.

His words speak to my very core.

It's like He's saying, "Yeah, you're going to deny me. 
I know that. You will fail again and again. 
Don't worry. I'm here. 
Don't trust yourself. 
Trust God – trust Me."

Thank you, Jesus, for knowing me 
through and through... for knowing that I am just dust. 
And yet You love me. 
You want me to live with You forever. 
Thank you that You give me all that I need. 
I choose to trust You.

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