Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bring the Clear Light of Day • John 9

"I came into the world
to bring everything
into the clear light of day,
making all the distinctions clear,
so  that those who have never seen
will see,
and those who have made
a great pretense of seeing
will be exposed as blind." 

John 9:39

Blindingly bright, it shines all around

but they refused to acknowledge it.

They refuse to acknowledge You.

Blindingly bright, it shines

exposing cardboard cutouts,

painted scenery,

whitewashed shacks. 

Your glory shines

and all that is becomes apparent. 

The darkness can no longer cover

what is so glaringly true.

Clinging to darkness

yet claiming clear sight.

Pointing out specks on others

while oozing with their own filth 

as it runs down their pointing finger.

In Your light

I look down and see it there

running down my arm.

It puddles at my feet

as I fall to my knees 

before You.

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