Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where's the Joy? • Ecclesiastes 6

 Even if someone lived a thousand years — make it two thousand! — 
but didn't enjoy anything, what's the point? 
Doesn't everyone end up in the same place? 
We work to feed our appetites; 
meanwhile our souls go hungry. 
Ecclesiastes 6:6-7

It all seemed so good —
all the things I gave myself to.

Words of praise were given —
smiles of affirmation shined.

Come, this is just right for you —
you don't want to miss out!

Use your gifts —
they bless us so!

We miss out when you
aren't giving, sharing, doing.

Frustration grows
as weariness sets in.

Have to replaces get to.
Do I have to?

Shh. Shh.

Who's voice leads me?
Who leads me to quiet waters
and green pastures?

You give joy today —
Your burden is light
the yoke you place on me is easy.

All the words fill the air like smoke.
Clear them away Lord.

Speak to me in the silence.
I have quieted my heart,
I am tuning my ears to hear Your voice.

Teach me Your ways,
lead me in Your path.

My joy comes from You alone.

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