Thursday, June 17, 2010

Banish Anxiety • Ecclesiastes 11

...banish anxiety from your heart 
and cast off the troubles of your body, 
for youth and vigor are meaningless. 
Ecclesiastes 11:10 NIV

It slips in so quietly
wrapping its fingers over my shoulders
tightening as it grows.

As thoughts come
urging me to give up - give in -
this is all too much for me, really....
what is wrong with me....
why can't I handle this?
I just want to pull the covers up and hide.

Recognition seeps in.
Anxiety has come.

Lord, hear my cry!
Open my ears to Your voice!

I throw my anxiety to You,
please remove it from me.

I put my trust in You.

I choose to remember who You are,
what You have done.

I am not alone.

You are my Strength.
Your are my Ever Present Help.
You are the Almighty King.
You are my Safe Place to Hide.

My mind, my soul, my heart
finds rest in You alone.

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