Friday, July 2, 2010

You're Here! • Luke 10

"See what I have given you? 
Safe passage as you walk on snakes and scorpions, 
and protection from every assault of the Enemy. 
No one can put a hand on you. 
All the same, the great triumph 
is not in your authority over evil, 
but in God's authority over you 
and presence with you. 
Not what you do for God 
but what God does for you — 
that's the agenda for rejoicing." 

Luke 10:19-20

"The Master said, 'Martha, dear Martha, 
you're fussing far too much and 
getting yourself worked up over nothing. 
One thing only is essential, 
and Mary has chosen it — 
it's the main course, 
and won't be taken from her.'"

Luke 10:41-42

You are here.
God has come
to live in the world
You have created.

To walk this road
along side me
before me
behind me
inside me.

The victory
is in submitting
my life
my self
my all
to You.

Your wonderful power
and might
at work
right here
right now.

clouds my view
makes me forget
You are here.

Remind me, Lord
that You are always with me
always at work in me
and around me.

Hanging on Your Words
I commune with You.

Focusing on You
I rely on You
to work through me.

I rejoice in You
and celebrate the 
work of Your hands.

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