Thursday, July 22, 2010

Remember His Words • Luke 24

Then they remembered Jesus' words. 

Luke 24:8

Oh that I would remember
Your words, Jesus!

Your words are Life!
Your words are Truth!

You lead me in the way I should go.
Your Word is full of Your words.

As I read, as I memorize Your words,
I pray that You will help me to
always remember what You say to me.

Your Word is a Lamp to my feet.
Your Word is Truth.
Your Word stands firm —
Your Word lasts forever.

When I live my life
remembering Your words,
I know You more,
I know what pleases You,
I know what You are like,
I know how You want me to live.

Open Your word to me, Jesus!
Fill me with the fire of Your Word.

"Didn't we feel on fire as He 
conversed with us on the road, 
as He opened up the Scriptures for us?"

Luke 24:32

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