Thursday, July 8, 2010

Leaving Behind • Luke 14

"Is there anyone here who, 
if a child or animal fell down a well, 
wouldn't rush to pull him out immediately, 
not asking whether or not it was the Sabbath?"

"If you walk around with your nose in the air, 
you're going to end up flat on your face. 
But if you're content to be simply yourself, 
you will become more than yourself."

"The next time you put on a dinner... 
Invite some people who never get invited out, 
the misfits from the wrong side of the tracks. 
You'll be — and experience — a blessing."

"Simply put, if you're not willing 
to take what is dearest to you, 
whether plans or people, 
and kiss it good-bye, 
you can't be my people." 
Luke 14:5, 11-13, 33

To follow You
is to walk away
from all the ways, things, thoughts, people
that hold me back
from Life.

I leave behind
false pictures of who I am
and who others are.

I leave behind
rules and boxes
that stifle love and healing.

I leave behind
excuses, inadequacies, comfort
for accepting, including, selflessness.

To follow You
I must leave behind
all that is mine —
to gain all that is Yours.

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