Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Clear Direction • Luke 22

They left, found everything 
just as He told them.... 
Luke 22:13

To the vast crowds
You were a mystery
Speaking in parables
That few could understand

But to those who left all
To follow You
To the ones who knew You
Believed in You
Loved You
You explained, clarified, taught, led

So clearly and carefully
You told them every step
Telling them what to do
How to do it
What to expect

You provided for every detail
They just had to listen and follow through

"Keep your eyes open as you enter the city...."
"He will show you a spacious second-story room..."
"Prepare the meal there"

You told them You would be betrayed
One of them would betray You
Lead by serving
Denial will occur
Prepare for the time to come

You did not leave Your own
In the dark

You will not, do not
Leave me in the dark

You lead me in the way I should go
You tell me what to do
You provide for my needs

You gave all
So that I might live

Oh how You love us!

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