Thursday, July 29, 2010

Make a Clean Break • Daniel 4

"Make a clean break with your sins 
and start living for others. 
Quit your wicked life and 
look after the needs of the down-and-out. 
Then you will continue to have a good life."

Daniel 4:27

Leave it behind.
Don't look back.
Sever the connection.
Turn and live.

He loves us so much!
Oh how He loves us!
Even evil, prideful, self-obsessed kings...
He loves them, too.

Sin brings death.
Clinging to my pride
chokes me, cuts me off
from the Life giving flow.

This life is not about me.
It is not for me to build myself up,
to live in comfort, avoiding all that brings pain.

As I choose to lay it down,
giving myself to You, to others,
You lift me up, You give me life.

"It is my privilege to report to you the gracious miracles 
that the High God has done for me. 
His miracles are staggering, 
His wonders are surprising. 
His kingdom lasts and lasts, 
His sovereign rule goes on forever."

Daniel 4:2-3

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