Monday, November 29, 2010

Exactly as He Said

He said, "Don't be afraid. 
I know you're looking for Jesus the Nazarene, 
the One they nailed on the cross. 
He's been raised up; He's here no longer. 
You can see for yourselves that the place is empty. 
Now—on your way. 
Tell His disciples and Peter that He is going on ahead of you to Galilee. 
You'll see Him there, exactly as He said.

Mark 16:6-7 msg

they were completely shocked
that You weren't there.

You had already told them
what to expect.

You told them You would be killed,
You would be dead for a little while,
but that You would come back.

You told them You would meet them in Galilee.

You did exactly as You said.

Thank You, Lord, that I can trust You and Your Word.

Thank You that You do exactly as You say You will do. 

Help me to hear Your voice.
Give me a heart that seeks You,
listens to You 
and believes what You say.

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