Thursday, August 12, 2010

Searcher of My Mind

"And all the assemblies (churches) 
shall recognize and understand 
that I am He who searches minds 
(the thoughts, feelings, and purposes) 
and the [inmost] hearts,
and I will give to each of you 
[the reward for what you have done] 
as your work deserves."

Revelation 2:23

Only You truly know
what is in my mind,
what is the true motive 
of my heart. 

You search me.
You try me.
You see what is deep inside.

You know what I really love.
You know who I really serve.

Oh Lord, please show me
where I am loving anything/anyone above You.

Please reveal to me 
what my motives really are.

Fill me with love for You.
Change my motives 
to please only You.

Bring me back to 
my First Love.

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