Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Revelation Revelation

(Yes, I meant to type Revelation twice...Big Smile!)


That was the next book my Bible study group
decided to read through together.... Ugh!

It just seemed so heavy, too much 
to handle in the sticky heat of this Florida August. 

All that imagery, all the violence and blood.

Hmmm, maybe I'll just sit this one out.
I'll read some Psalms maybe, or a Proverb a day....

Then my mom comes over.
"So, I read chapter one of Revelation today."

What? Mom is joining the group, 
but I'm thinking of sitting on the sidelines?

"Lord, am I whimping out here? 
Is there really something You want me
to see, to hear, to learn in this book?"

"A revealing of Jesus, the Messiah."

Revelation 1:1 

As I read those words this morning,
I heard You whisper
"Come, let Me show you.
I want to reveal Myself to you
through the Words in this book."

You changed the way I was thinking –
You gave me a new desire 
to read this special book.

Thank you, Lord, for meeting me where I am.
For not leaving me on the sidelines,
for taking me hand and so gently leading me
into this new journey of Revelation —
a revealing of Yourself to me.

A revealing of Jesus, the Messiah.
God gave it to make plain to His servants
what is about to happen. 
He published and delivered it by Angel 
to His servant John.
And John told everything he saw:
God's Word — 
the witness of Jesus Christ!

How blessed the reader!
How blessed the hearers and keepers
of these oracle words,
all the words written in this book!

The time is just about up.

Revelation 1:1-3


Mary said...

I so connect with your heart. We ALL go through that. There is such joy when we push through and the knob is turned as you shared on the "Coffee W/ Jesus" page. Thank you for being so transparent.

Anonymous said...

Christa, I'm feeling a bit of the same. Starting school next Monday with the kids is feeling really overwhelming and Revelation feels overwhelming. So thankful that the Holy Spirit is with us and will give us only as much as He knows we can handle right now. I always have to remind myself that I'm not being graded or judged on what I post, or even whether I post. I want to be consistent, but I also have to give myself grace, just like Jesus does! Take heart, my friend! Off to Revelation 2 (much later in the day than usual).

Christa said...

Oh dear friends! Thank you for your warm words of understanding and encouragement!

It did feel so good to "push through" that uncomfortableness and let God meet me right where I am.

LaNette, I had to laugh as I read your comment. We really must be a lot alike! I have had to remind myself of the exact same things.

I am so thankful that the Lord knows us and He has special things to show us in His Word as we come to Him expectantly.

Thank you both for sharing. <3